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Trip Log 2022-02-26 h06 -- Snake In The Grass

I've always known myself to be a computer language bigot, someone who prefers parentheses-laden forms over other expressions.  Recently, I got the chance to play w/ my first machine-learning program and it happens to be in Python (as is much of the activity in the field, apparently, these days). 

I look at the succinct equations on the topic and imagine them transformed into Scheme expressions.  But, of course, the reality is much different.  Gone are the elegant swoops and curves of the code, snaking its way down the page or clumped up in nice blank-line-delimited internal ‘define’s.  Instead, blocky chunk after chunk of barely-differentiable “attributes” file down the page, w/ barely a change in indentation to wake you up. 

So, this is part of my growth at the moment:  To put aside the aesthetics for a bit and concentrate on the essence.  Like the snake finding its food, I too must develop a strategy for avoiding crashes and not waste too much time.  Let's hope my training requires few iterations and results in nice explainable gradients. 

Speaking of which, I'm happy to discover that the Open Neural Network Exchange (ONNX) file format (i.e., the Neural Network Exchange Format — NNEF) supports comments.  If there is anything the machines can learn from us, it is the proper commenting of code.  I think people should teach that along side syntax and semantics.  People who write good comments (and ChangeLog entries) should be paid more.  OK, time to wake up from the dream and learn pytorch and torchvision... 

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