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Trip Log 2022-02-18 h05 -- Hellsfire-fixed.png

Recently there was “I love Free Software” day around the globe and although I'm a little late to the party, I still want to express my thanks to everyone who hacks, develops, documents, fixes, and releases Free Software.  In this Trip Log, I highlight two programs that have been large on my brain of late.  One is the game PipeWalker (by Artem Senichev), and the other is Graphicsmagick (by many hundreds if not thousands of people). 

The first is the tangential subject of the Hooray! series and continues to provide great joy in terms of both playing and an inspiration for a “mini-pipewalker” demo that I'm in the process of cooking up and adding to Guile-SDL Demos (should be released in a few weeks If All Goes Well). 

The extra nice thing about PipeWalker is that it is about connectivity, bringing all nodes online, so to speak.  When they are all “live” and the “hooray!” moment happns, it's a great feeling.  I imagine myself sharing a beer w/ Artem Senichev and discussing (simple) routing algorithms and then my mind drifts to a dream where I develop an AI to play PipeWalker, somehow apply it to natural language processing, and land a sweet gig that pays health insurance... 

The second is Graphicsmagick, with which I was able to fix a minor glitch in the Hellsfire theme that is my favorite w/ PipeWalker.  If you followed along w/ the Hooray! series and tried out the Hellsfire theme, you might have noticed the ‘tee-0’ tile has a small rectangle of out-of-place pixels on the left hand edge, a bleedover from the preceding ‘corn-1’ tile. 

Well, free software (Graphicsmagic) to the rescue!  Here is a small script that I used to touch up the PNG file to produce Hellsfire-fixed.png (which will be featured in the upcoming demo). 

gm convert ../Hellsfire.png \
   -fill black \
   -draw 'rectangle 384,89 385,102' \
   -draw 'matte 384,90 floodfill' \

Because everything is Free Software, I can happily include the result: 

I like Graphicsmagick because it plays into my AI (and health insurance) dreams, since it has this mini language to describe drawing.  (Any kind of programming language is interesting to me.)  It even has the “mogrify” command — what's not to love?!?  Bill Watterson would be proud.  :-D 

Anyway, I will be sure to contact Artem Senichev and contribute the change back upstream.  That's the way we roll, proprietary mofos, get used to it! 

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