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  This directory contains the program ‘xdgdirs’,
  released under the terms of the GNU GPLv3+.

  It displays the names and values of the XDG_* env vars
  related to the XDG Basedir Specification:

  formatted as a Scheme- and Lisp-friendly alist, or optionally
  as an associative array in the literal data syntax of various

  Also included is documentation in Info format,
  released under the terms of the GFDL 1.3.


  To run ‘xdgdirs’, you need to install Guile (any version).
  Guile is not necessary for configuration and build, however
  (unless you count "make check" as part of build, in which
  case you are running the program and therefore need Guile).


  See INSTALL for detailed instructions.  Briefly:

    make check      # optional, but recommended
    make install

  Installation copies xdgdirs to ${bindir} and the
  documentation to ${infodir}.  Run ‘./configure --help’
  to see instructions on how to customize those values.


  Please send bug-reports and other correspondance to the
  address listed in the output of ‘./configure --help’.