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	This is rpx, a port of ratpoison to Guile Scheme.
	Although initially intended as a proof-of-concept exercise
	to plumb ttn's ignorance of X11, Scheme, and good taste,
	the result has proven to be useful as well.

	Despite rpx veneration of ratpoison look, feel, and
	internal design, there have been some unavoidable
	concessions to some of the more hairy parts of Xlib (the
	reimplementation of which is shared somewhat uneasily by
	rpx and ttn-do).  These are listed in the manual.


	These packages (listed version or later) are required for
	building, installing and running rpx:

	Guile (tested w/ Guile 2.0.13)
	ttn-do 429

(See file INSTALL for generic installation instructions.)

	Briefly, you need to issue these standard commands:

	  ./configure [options...]
	  make install

	Aside from the standard options, the configure script
	accepts `--with-xterm=PROG' to specify the terminal
	emulator program PROG (default: x-terminal-emulator).

	On "make install", these files are copied to these
	directories (creating them first if necessary):

	  src/rpx      -- $(bindir), normally /usr/local/bin
	  doc/ -- $(infodir)          /usr/local/share/info

	To specify different values, use "./configure --help"
	to display the exact configure script options necessary.


	Please send bug reports to <>.