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 Short Description:

 Load this file, activate it and Emacs will display highlighting on
 whatever parenthesis (and paired delimiter if you like this) matches
 the one before or after point.  This is an extension to the paren.el
 file distributed with Emacs.  The default behaviour is similar to
 paren.el but more sophisticated.  Normally you can try all default
 settings to enjoy mic-paren.

 Some examples to try in your ~/.emacs:

  (add-hook 'LaTeX-mode-hook
            (function (lambda ()
                        (paren-toggle-matching-quoted-paren 1)
                        (paren-toggle-matching-paired-delimiter 1))))

  (add-hook 'c-mode-common-hook
            (function (lambda ()
                         (paren-toggle-open-paren-context 1))))

 If you use CUA mode, these might be useful, too:

  (put 'paren-forward-sexp 'CUA 'move)
  (put 'paren-backward-sexp 'CUA 'move)


 o Place this file in a directory in your `load-path' and byte-compile
   it.  If there are warnings, please report them to ttn.
 o Put the following in your .emacs file:
      (require 'mic-paren) ; loading
      (paren-activate)     ; activating
      ;;; set here any of the customizable variables of mic-paren:
      ;;; ...
 o Restart your Emacs; mic-paren is now installed and activated!
 o To list the possible customizations type `C-h f paren-activate' or
   go to the customization group `mic-paren-matching'.

 Long Description:

 mic-paren.el is an extension and replacement to the packages paren.el
 and stig-paren.el for Emacs.  When mic-paren is active Emacs normal
 parenthesis matching is deactivated.  Instead parenthesis matching will
 be performed as soon as the cursor is positioned at a parenthesis.  The
 matching parenthesis (or the entire structured expression between the
 parentheses) is highlighted until the cursor is moved away from the
 parenthesis.  Features include:
 o Both forward and backward parenthesis matching (simultaneously if
   cursor is between two expressions).
 o Indication of mismatched parentheses.
 o Recognition of "escaped" (also often called "quoted") parentheses.
 o Recognition of SML-style "sexp-ish" comment syntax.
   NB: This support is preliminary; there are still problems
       when the parens in the comment span multiple lines, etc.
 o Option to match "escaped" parens too, especially in (La)TeX-mode
   (e.g., matches expressions like "\(foo bar\)" properly).
 o Offers two functions as replacement for `forward-sexp' and
   `backward-sexp' which handle properly quoted parens (s.a.).  These
   new functions can automatically be bounded to the original binding
   of the standard `forward-sexp' and `backward-sexp' functions.
 o Option to activate matching of paired delimiter (i.e., characters with
   syntax '$').  This is useful for writing in LaTeX-mode for example.
 o Option to select in which situations (always, never, if match, if
   mismatch) the entire expression should be highlighted or only the
   matching parenthesis.
 o Message describing the match when the matching parenthesis is off-screen
   (vertical and/or horizontal).  Message contains either the linenumber or
   the number of lines between the two matching parens.  Option to select in
   which cases this message should be displayed.
 o Optional delayed highlighting (useful on slow systems),
 o Functions to activate/deactivate mic-paren.el are provided.
 o Numerous options to control the behaviour and appearance of

 mic-paren.el was originally developed and tested under Emacs 19.28 -
 20.3.  Since then, support for Emacs 19 and 20 has bit-rotted (not
 dropped completely, but not tested against changes, either), and
 will probably be removed without warning in a future version.  This
 version was developed and tested under Emacs 23.0.60 (wip).  XEmacs
 compatibility has been provided by Steven L Baur <>.
 Jan Dubois ( provided help to get mic-paren to work in

 This file (and other wonderful stuff) can be obtained from
 the Emacs Wiki: <>

 Available customizable options:
 - `paren-priority'
 - `paren-overlay-priority'
 - `paren-sexp-mode'
 - `paren-highlight-at-point'
 - `paren-highlight-offscreen'
 - `paren-display-message'
 - `paren-message-linefeed-display'
 - `paren-message-no-match'
 - `paren-message-show-linenumber'
 - `paren-message-truncate-lines'
 - `paren-max-message-length'
 - `paren-ding-unmatched'
 - `paren-delay'
 - `paren-dont-touch-blink'
 - `paren-match-face'
 - `paren-mismatch-face'
 - `paren-no-match-paren'
 - `paren-bind-modified-sexp-functions'
 Available customizable faces:
 - `paren-face-match'
 - `paren-face-mismatch'
 - `paren-face-no-match'
 Available commands:
 - `paren-activate'
 - `paren-deactivate'
 - `paren-toggle-matching-paired-delimiter'
 - `paren-toggle-matching-quoted-paren'
 - `paren-toggle-open-paren-context'
 - `paren-forward-sexp'
 - `paren-backward-sexp'

 IMPORTANT NOTES (important for people who have customized mic-paren
                  from within elisp):
 - In version >= 3.3 the prefix "mic-" has been removed from the
   command-names `mic-paren-forward-sexp' and `mic-paren-backward-sexp'.
   Now all user-functions and -options begin with the prefix "paren-"
   because this package should be a replacement of the other
   paren-packages like paren.el and stig-paren.el!
 - In version >= 3.2 the prefix "mic-" has been removed from the
   command-names `mic-paren-toggle-matching-quoted-paren' and
 - In versions >= 3.1 mic-paren is NOT auto-activated after loading.
 - In versions >= 3.0 the variable `paren-face' has been renamed to

 v3.15   + No longer ‘(require 'cl)’.

 v3.14   + Now w/ ‘lexical-binding: t’ cookie.

 v3.13   + Fix bug introduced in v3.12: Use ‘cl-flet*’.

 v3.12   + Avoid naked ‘flet’; use ‘cl-flet’ instead.
           Thanks to Le Wang.

 v3.11   + Added support for recognizing SML-style comments as a sexp.
           Thanks to Leo Liu, Stefan Monnier.

 v3.10   + Added message-length clamping (var `paren-max-message-length').
           Thanks to Jonathan Kotta.

 v3.9    + Fixed XEmacs bug in `define-mic-paren-nolog-message'.
           Thanks to Sivaram Neelakantan.

 v3.8    + Maintainership (crassly) grabbed by ttn.
         + License now GPLv3+.
         + Byte-compiler warnings eliminated; if you see one, tell me!
         + Dropped funcs: mic-char-bytes, mic-char-before.
         + Docstrings, messages, comments revamped.

 v3.7    + Removed the message "You should be in LaTeX-mode!".
         + Fixed a bug in `paren-toggle-matching-quoted-paren'.
         + Fixed some misspellings in the comments and docs.

 v3.6    + Fixed a very small bug in `mic-paren-horizontal-pos-visible-p'.
         + The informational messages like "Matches ... [+28]" which are
           displayed if the matching paren is offscreen, do not longer
           wasting the log.

 v3.5    + No mic-paren-messages are displayed if we are in isearch-mode.
         + Matching quoted parens is switched on if entering a minibuffer.
           This is useful for easier inserting regexps, e.g., with
           `query-replace-regexp'.  Now \(...\) will be highlighted
           in the minibuffer.
         + New option `paren-message-show-linenumber': You can determine
           the computation of the offscreen-message-linenumber.  Either the
           number of lines between the two matching parens or the absolute
           linenumber.  (Thank you for the idea and a first implementation
           to Eli Barzilay <>.)
         + New option `paren-message-truncate-lines': If mic-paren messages
           should be truncated or not (has only an effect in GNU Emacs 21).
           (Thank you for the idea and a first implementation to Eli
           Barzilay <>.)

 v3.4    + Corrected some bugs in the backward-compatibility for older
           Emacsen.  Thanks to Tetsuo Tsukamoto <>.

 v3.3    + Now the priority of the paren-overlays can be customized
           (option `paren-overlay-priority').  For a description of the
           priority of an overlay see in the emacs-lisp-manual the node
           "Overlays".  This option is mainly useful for experienced
           users which use many packages using overlays to perform their
         + Now you can determine what line-context will be displayed if
           the matching open paren is offscreen.  In functional
           programming languages like lisp it is useful to display the
           following line in the echo-area if the opening matching paren
           has no preceding text in the same line.
           But in procedural languages like C++ or Java it is convenient
           to display the first previous non empty line in this case
           instead of the following line.  Look at the new variable
           `paren-open-paren-context-backward' and the related toggling
           function `paren-toggle-open-paren-context' for a detailed
           description of this new feature.
         + In addition to the previous described new feature you can
           specify how a linefeed in the message (e.g., if the matching
           paren is offscreen) is displayed.  This is mainly because the
           standard echo-area display of a linefeed (^J) is bad to read.
           Look at the option `paren-message-linefeed-display'.
         + Solved a little bug in the compatibility-code for Emacsen
           not supporting current customize-feature.
         + Removed the prefix "mic-" from the commands
           `mic-paren-forward-sexp' and `mic-paren-backward-sexp'.
           For an explanation look at comments for version v3.2.

 v3.2    + The prefix "mic-" has been removed from the commands
           `mic-paren-toggle-matching-quoted-paren' and
           `mic-paren-toggle-matching-paired-delimiter'.  This is for
           consistency.  Now all user-variables, -faces and -commands
           begin with the prefix "paren-" and all internal functions
           and variables begin with the prefix "mic-paren-".
         + Now you can exactly specify in which situations the whole
           sexp should be highlighted (option `paren-sexp-mode'):
           Always, never, if match or if mismatch.  Tested with Gnus
           Emacs >= 20.3.1 and XEmacs >= 21.1.

 v3.1    + From this version on mic-paren is not autoloaded.  To
           activate it you must call `paren-activate' (either in your
           .emacs or manually with M-x).  Therefore the variable
           `paren-dont-activate-on-load' ise obsolet and has been
         + Now mic-paren works also in older Emacsen without the
           custom-feature.  If the actual custom-library is provided
           mic-paren use them and is full customizable otherwise normal
           defvars are used for the options.
         + Fix of a bug displaying a message if the matching paren is
           horizontal out of view.
         + All new features are now tested with XEmacs >= 21.1.6.

 v3.0    + Checking if matching paren is horizontally offscreen (in
           case of horizontal scrolling).  In that case the message is
           displayed in the echo-area (anlogue to vertical offscreen).
           In case of horizontal offscreen closing parenthesis the
           displayed message is probably wider than the frame/window.
           So you can only read the whole message if you are using a
           package like mscroll.el (scrolling long messages) in GNU
         + Now full customizable, means all user-options and -faces now
           can be set with the custom-feature of Emacs.  On the other
           hand, this means this version of mic-paren only works with an
           Emacs which provides the custom-package!
         + In case of the matching paren is offscreen now the displayed
           message contains the linenumber of the matching paren too.
         This version is only tested with Gnu Emacs >= 20.4 and not with
         any XEmacs!
         Implemented by Klaus Berndl <>.

 v2.3    No additional feature but replacing `char-bytes' and
         `char-before' with `mic-char-bytes' and `mic-char-before' to
         prevent a clash in the global-namespace.  Now the new
         features of v2.1 and v2.2 are also tested with XEmacs!

 v2.2    Adding the new feature for matching paired delimiter.  Not
         tested with XEmacs.  Implemented by Klaus Berndl <>

 v2.1    Adding the new feature for matching escaped parens too.  Not
         tested with XEmacs.  Implemented by Klaus Berndl <>.

 v2.0    Support for MULE and Emacs 20 multibyte characters added.
         Inspired by the suggestion and code of Saito Takaaki

 v1.9    Avoids multiple messages/dings when point has not moved.  Thus,
         mic-paren no longer overwrites messages in minibuffer.  Inspired by
         the suggestion and code of Eli Barzilay <>.

 v1.3.1  Some spelling corrected (from Vinicius Jose Latorre
         <> and Steven L Baur <>).

 v1.3    Added code from Vinicius Jose Latorre <> to
         highlight unmatched parentheses (useful in minibuffer).

 v1.2.1  Fixed stuff to work with OS/2 emx-emacs:
          - checks if `x-display-colour-p' is bound before calling it;
          - changed how X/Lucid Emacs is detected.
         Added automatic load of the timer-feature (plus variable to
         disable the loading).