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Around 2000 or 2001, each of Alex Shinn, Vikram Subramanian, and Joel Smith either independently or loosely collaboratively, started writing Guile bindings for the SDL library.  I asked Alex Shinn, who was starting to hack more with Gauche than with Guile, for project maintenance duties and he agreed.  I have not contacted the others, but instead fished their names out of the various files found in the CVS repository tarball I received from Alex.

In September of 2010, Guile-SDL moved to In April of 2013, it was accepted as a part of the GNU project and its homepage moved to


Latest version is 0.6.1 (released 2022-02-20).  Check it out!  There is also the ever-popular Guile-SDL Demos project. 


Guile-SDL is still in alpha and there are several areas that need improvement prior to beta, not to mention the fabled 1.0 release.  (See file HACKING in the repo.) 

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