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This directory contains Guile Scheme scripts and modules intended to be
installed in your project's build-aux/, or equivalent dir specified by

In the spirit of gnulib (, this package
is not versioned and does not support "make install".  Full details are in
the manual in the doc/ directory, which can be built using "make".  A quick
start begins with:

  $ git clone

Guile-BAUX requires a working Guile executable.  Normally it expects this
to be named "guile" and available somewhere on ‘PATH’.  To specify another
one explicitly, add ‘GUILE=...’ to the "make" command-line.  For example:

  make GUILE='guile-2.0 --no-auto-compile'


  make GUILE=$HOME/build/guile/pre-inst-guile

By side effect, this saves the value in the guile-baux-tool script as the
fallback when its invocation (in turn) detects no ‘GUILE’ env var set.  To
change it in the future, delete the script and re-run the "make" command.